Let's dive into what supplements are best to improve your digestive and immune health.


The goal is to help you understand how to use them in a safe, effective manner so that you can build a solid plan for yourself.

To not overwhelm you, I broke them into three sections according to when and how you can use them so feel free to skip to what’s most interesting to you:

Probiotics and Enzymes – Answering the Most Common Questions

  • What type of probiotic do I need?
  • How do I know which strains are for me?
  • Should I use a low dose or high potency probiotic?

Biofilm Disruptors and Constipation-Relieving Products

A huge part of a healthy GI system and strong immunity is the body’s ability to remove pathogens. Many people do cleanses, but I find that they leave out the critical preliminary step of eliminating biofilms first. This section is helpful for those that have done cleanses and gotten nowhere and for those who struggle with constipation and bloating and need a better way.

Flu and Bug Fighting Supplements

Whether it’s viral or bacterial, we got you covered. These are supplements you should stock your medicine cabinet. And as part of a comprehensive gut healing strategy, oust harmful bacteria, protozoa, parasites, yeast, and fungus, and chase active viruses dormant.

Keep in mind they build upon each other (if you want the full education).


Probiotics and Enzymes


This is one of my high potency probiotics, designed for people who have significant leaky gut, have persistent fungal infections, have recently taken antibiotics, or for folks who eat a lot of sugar, have heavy stress, and drink a lot of alcohol.

Your microbiome colonizer, packed with high potency probiotics: rare and effective strains of probiotics that we have freshly made for our Gut Thrive program.

Proteolytic Enzymes

A primary inflammation slasher that eats up foreign proteins that do not belong in your body; taken away from food to clean up the blood. Proteolytics have moved mountains in my practice. We recently had one of our gut thrivers eliminate a small tumor simply by using these and castor oil packs.


You can always use a few extra bottles of these for eating out or traveling. Digestzymes contain full-spectrum digestive enzymes that help you digest your food better. They have added support for the liver/gallbladder and pancreas, plus betaine HCL to fight food-borne illness, and for increased protein absorption. I take 2 every time I eat out or when I eat a big meal. If you have bloating, gas, or constipation, you should consider taking enzymes with each meal for at least 30 days.


Biofilm Disruptors and Constipation-Relieving Products

Once you understand how to use probiotics and enzymes to meet your needs, the next step is to gently eliminate (remaining) constipation, seal the lining of the gut and add in a few key detox supplements that break apart biofilms.

A huge part of a healthy GI system and strong immunity is the body’s ability to remove pathogens. Many people do cleanses, but I find that they leave out the critical preliminary step of eliminating biofilms first.

Biofilms are like little tiny plastic shells that bad pathogens live in. They are their shelter and protect them from attack.

So if you are to heal and seal your gut and remove pathogenic overload to unburden your immune system, this is step 1 because you will not be able to reach the pathogens if you do not dismantle their forts first.

Diatomaceous Earth

Your biofilm-busting parasite and candida killer – When I discovered DE, my health transformed (I was FINALLY able to kick my candida for good), AND the healing success in my practice skyrocketed. Diatomaceous earth is old tiny fossils that act like razor blades to the biofilm shells, basically slicing them open (without harming the human body) so they can be removed and we can actually get to the pathogens.

Bentonite Clay

We must combine the Diatomaceous earth with bentonite clay because the two work as a team. While the “shells” have now been opened up, the clay’s job is to bind to them and carry them out of your body.

Along the exit path, clay will bind to other toxins that keep you sick (like heavy metals) and pull them out.

We use the finest, cleanest clay I could find literally after looking all over the world. There is A LOT of junk in clay these days, which is why you have to make sure it’s clean.


Many formulas for constipation can be harsh and habit-forming (even the natural ones) because they scrape the lining of the intestines. This is why I love Triphala so much. It’s a combination of three Indian fruits that synergistically work together to moisten and nourish the lining of the intestines instead of scrape at them.

Absolutely no other herb or product holds a candle to this miracle-working product to gently cleanse and nourish your intestinal lining. 3-4 at night before bed for 30-60 days is the standard protocol and especially when removing biofilms from the body.


Detoxing can be hard on the body and genetic mutations run rampant. The onslaught of environmental toxins coupled with poor nutritional intake of B Vitamins, such as B-9 and B-12, mean many people are suffering for methyl molecules that support neurotransmitters, detoxification, the stress process, genetic de-activation of disease processes, and proper immune function. That’s why I have my cleansers take 2-4 of these methyl donors daily during a cleansing process to help their body not have to work so hard or feel so bad along the way. This is a paradigm-shifting product and the finest methylation formula we have ever found. Do not detox without methylation support!


Once you get rid of the biofilms and inflammation and your “pipes” are flowing, you’ve got to heal and seal leaky gut.

I love Mucosagen because it Colostrum and glutamine to help rebuild your intestinal mucosa creating a thin, slippery barrier between your gut wall and the stuff that passes through the gut. That not only helps keep bad pathogens and food particles on the right side of the fence, but it soothes and heals so you feel better.

This formula also contains liver support, which is important because the liver is forced to overwork to compensate for intestinal permeability.

This formula taken with two meals a day for 30-60 days is ideal for those with bloating, pain, or food sensitivities; helpful also for gastritis, ulcers, and brain fog.

Lion’s Mane

Speaking of healing and sealing leaky gut, this is a great adjunct product to your Mucosagen. The number one mushroom for nerve repair and growth; ideal for those with anxiety, neurological issues, or PTSD – Lion’s Mane also repairs tight junctions in the GI tract, helping to heal leaky gut. Win-win for the brain-gut connection AND the gut-brain connection.


Flu and Bug Fighting Supplements

As mentioned, these are supplements that once the body has been primed and prepped with the other formulas we shared with you above, can go in and oust harmful bacteria, protozoa, parasites, yeast, and fungus, and chase active viruses dormant. Or, you can keep them in the medicine cabinet as your first defense during cold and flu season.


A must-have in the medicine cabinet for the whole family anytime someone comes down with a cold, flu, or virus – I take a few drops in water daily in the wintertime and this is my first defense against any kind of pathogen in my healing protocols.


Your gentle, yet incredibly powerful immune rejuvenator to combat viral infections and train your immune system how to be stronger and more resilient


Works amazingly well well combined with ATAK to kick out unwanted viruses in the gentlest fashion. Very helpful for those who have any kind of virus living in their system that tends to come out during stressful times.

Oregano Oil and Tai Ra Chi

These two supplements are your antifungal and antiviral match made in heaven. Oregano oil is the most potent antifungal found in nature and Tai Ra Chi is a cellular rejuvenator derived from the inner bark of the amazing Pau d’Arco tree. It is your most crucial defense system when dealing with issues associated with viruses, fungi, yeast, and bacteria.

Matula Tea

Sourced all the way from South Africa, we import Matula Tea simply because it’s THE best product to gently and effectively reduce pathogenic levels of H. Pylori and Candida/yeast. These two work as a team and you have to address both, not just one for lasting healing. ONE box of tea is all you need to reset your system. Drink 2 bags daily for 30 days and watch the healing happen.

That’s the scoop, friends.

I hope you learned something about how to best use specific supplements in a way that adds lasting value to your long-term health.

We're huge believers in “teaching a man how to fish” so that you are educated and equipped to make the best choices for yourself and your family.

If you have specific questions about the supplements above, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Have a beautiful day.

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