Do brain fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain rule your life? Christa Orecchio, founder of The Whole Journey, will teach you what it takes to alleviate these symptoms and reset your immune system.

Time: 5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST
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In this webinar, you'll
learn how to:

  • SLASH inflammation with healing foods and 3 different types of enzymes
  • ELIMINATE symptoms such as insomnia, constipation, brain fog and exhaustion
  • Gently RID your body of many different types of pathogens (those bugs like Candida, SIBO, protozoa)
  • RE-EDUCATE your immune system by populating it with specific bacteria that works for your genetics
  • HEAL leaky gut (or intestinal permeability, which leads to bloating and joint pain)
  • What exactly this experience will be like for YOU based upon your current state of health
  • What issues it can help you heal and why this is a long-term solution

WOW! Thank you so much for all the information you lay out in the webinar. I appreciate the research and groundwork information you provide to explain the “why” and the “how” to your program.

– Lisa

Excellent information, giving not only the science but real practical advice for people to rejuvenate their microbiome. Taking the holistic view is so important.

– Dr. Chris Fenn

Great explanations. Best I've heard to date and makes me want to get on the band wagon! Thanks for all your work to get the word out.

– Barbara

The webinar was amazing! Super informative.

– Selene

Loved the video! Thanks for being a light in a very dark night.

– Cassidy

FASCINATING and very useful information!

– Tracey

You have the power to give the body what it needs and then to watch it heal itself.

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