Action Driven Digital Workbook


The Whole Journey Healthy Life Handbook helps families make inspiring, consistent, and lasting positive changes in a way that is delicious, fun, educational, and free of willpower and denial. Incorporating our whole-life philosophy and organized into six easy to follow sessions, you’ll implement 10 new life-enhancing steps every two weeks. Each session builds off the one before it, empowering you to make lasting change. A great place to start making positive lifestyle improvements.

A Lifestyle Course for Nutritional Healing


Feeling sluggish? Brain fog? Low energy? This comprehensive video course teaches anyone how to become their own health detective, understand their body and create balance from within. It’s the place to start if you’ve never worked with a nutritionist before and want to make consistent improvement over time. Once you understand what’s happening in your own body, you will be more compliant and inspired, and achieve sustainable results.

Visual learners who want more direction and guidance will love the Nutritional Lifestyle Program – our signature online course that mirrors exactly what Christa did with private clients. Learn how to eliminate the root causes of disease (mind, body, and spirit) while making consistent upgrades to your current diet, supplements, mindset, and lifestyle at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Comprehensive Candida Cleanse and Gut Repair Program

8-10 WEEKS

If you have intense sugar cravings, bloating, a white coating on your tongue, constipation, low energy/thyroid function and mental fog, candida overgrowth may be the root cause. This cleanse is for sugar junkies or those with a history of heavy antibiotic use. It works systematically to eliminate candida overgrowth as well as to manage viruses and heavy metals that come along with it. Phase II heals and seals leaky gut and boosts and balances the thyroid. Click below to learn more about candida and why this is the single most comprehensive, effective, and unique cleanse to eliminate candida overgrowth and its root causes.

Gut & Immune Healing Program that Rejuvenates Your Microbiome


The most comprehensive course of its type, Gut Thrive in 5 can rejuvenate your health at the cellular level – potentially eliminating symptoms that have plagued you for years. Follow this 5-step plan to eliminate inflammation, leaky gut, and the pathogenic overload on the body that causes them (parasites, yeast/fungus, protozoa, bad bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other toxins). Following the GT5 protocol gently reprograms your microbiome’s genetic code and re-trains your immune system. Essential and life-transforming for anyone with chronic autoimmune or digestive disease like Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS/IBD, and Fibromyalgia. Crucial for anyone suffering from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Healthy? GT5 is an amazing prevention plan for those who want to reboot their health, lose weight, and feel 20 years younger from the inside out. Over 5,000 ‘thrivers’ have gone through this program in the last 18 months.

Conceive Naturally & Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30

12-24 WEEKS

After successfully treating hundreds of couples who struggled with infertility, Christa wrote How to Conceive Naturally, a “five trimester” approach to pregnancy that begins with a 12-week preconception preparation period, followed by three trimesters of nutritional support for pregnancy that promotes healthy organ and gland development for your developing fetus while making sure you don’t get depleted along the way. Then, after your new baby is here, the Post-partum trimester teaches you how to rebalance your hormones in half the time so you can fully enjoy this special time in your family’s life.

Gut and Immune Healing Supplements

Hundreds of hours of research goes into choosing which supplements we use in our Candida and Gut Thrive courses. The supplements recommended here are the result of years of research and clinical experience. Only the highest quality, most effective products are selected to help you fight pathogens, repopulate your gut with good bacteria, and to heal and seal a leaky gut to reduce food sensitivities and immune system issues.