As a former sugar junkie – I hate to admit it, but gummy bears still call to me when I’m stressed, and Sour Patch Kids still tempt me now and then when I go to the movies…

Thankfully when these cravings exert themselves and I indulge, I get better quality alternatives without dyes or preservatives at the health food store, BUT they still have sugar in them and sometimes other unnecessary stuff too.

So what is the healthiest possible alternative?

Make your own!

It doesn’t take that long and it’s fun, especially if you’re making them with your kids.

We tested out several recipes from our blogger friends before choosing the one to make for Food as Medicine.

The winning recipe, far and away, was the one from my friend Katie – The Wellness Mama. Of course, I’m not surprised that a woman with six kids would perfect the gummy recipe.

Click here to get the full recipe on her site. So good!

We’d highly consider doubling the batch if you’re gonna get sticky so you can make a full jar of gummies to keep in the fridge.