• 7 Natural Skin Salves for Rashes, Stretch Marks, and Wrinkles

    7 Natural Skin Salves for Rashes, Stretch Marks, and Wrinkles Did you know your skin is the largest organ of your body? Besides protecting your body from all of the invaders of the outside world, it’s also one of the top five primary organs for the elimination of toxic waste from your system. We only get one set of skin so taking care of it through all of life’s iterations and not routinely adding to its toxic load is vitally important....watch now

  • How to Become Your OWN Health Detective

    How to Become Your OWN Health Detective Gaining true, lasting health is all about identifying and healing from the root cause. Any other approach is a band-aid approach that will have potential repercussions down the line. If you can understand how the body works, how disease manifests and where it begins, then you can draw a road map toward becoming your own health detective (and your family’s health detective) so that you empower yourself to live a thriving life....watch now

  • Strategically Reset Your Adrenals & Reboot Your Energy

    Strategically Reset Your Adrenals & Reboot Your EnergyDo you struggle with energy highs and lows? Feeling tired but wired? Insomnia, especially between the hours of 1-4am? These are all signs of adrenal fatigue. The adrenals are the gas tank of the body and sometimes life can drain that tank. I don’t want you to spend months or even years living with exhaustion or sub par energy when you don’t have to. This is why I’m sharing with you today’s Randy and Christa Show with my friend Yuri Elkaim....watch now

  • Melt Away The Winter Weight

    Melt Away The Winter WeightLearn how to use low-glycemic sweeteners and flours to avoid holiday weight gain or weight gain in general. Christa also teaches you which supplements you can use during this time to avoid creating vitamin and mineral deficiencies that lead to low energy, low mood and weight gain....watch now

  • 6 Amazing Foods Hiding in the Frozen Section

    6 Amazing Foods Hiding in the Frozen Section In today’s Food as Medicine segment, we go to my favorite local health food store! I’m giving you a tour of the frozen foods section. There are 6 amazingly healthful foods hiding in there that I’m dying to tell you about. ...watch now

  • 5 Foods that Outsmart Breast Cancer

     5 Foods that Outsmart Breast CancerBreast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in woman. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are five everyday foods fight breast cancer that easy to work into your diet and delicious. ...watch now

  • Dairy-Free Chocolate Truffles

    Dairy-Free Chocolate TrufflesOn this week's Food as Medicine segment, we're making a guilt-free dessert! These truffles are dairy and gluten free and naturally sweetened (but no one would ever know it)....watch now

  • 5 Mushrooms that Boost Immunity and Fight Cancer

    5 Mushrooms that Boost Immunity and Fight CancerDid you know that there is an every day food found in the grocery store that can immediately boost your immunity by up to 300%? Mushrooms have the power to kill viruses, bacteria, and yeast, destroy cancer cells, and even assist with nerve regeneration. And they have the lab studies to prove it....watch now

  • A Game-Changing Documentary

    A Game-Changing DocumentaryA must-watch film! The diabetes/obesity epidemic, especially in children, is NOT our fault. It’s one of the greatest public health epidemics of our time, that is true. But what is not true is that being a healthy weight is about eating less, exercising more, and having enough willpower. The problem is that both the government and food manufacturers have done a great job confusing us....watch now

  • Sugar Impact Diet: 4 Steps to Permanent Freedom from Sugar

    Sugar Impact Diet: 4 Steps to Permanent Freedom from SugarSugar is a drug. It’s public enemy #1 for degrading our health and quality of life. Who better to take it on than powerhouse JJ Virgin? Her new book, Sugar Impact Diet, reflects that with a simple, testable, track-able method to transition and to transform from sugar addiction to freedom from sugar....watch now

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