• 6 Essential Travel Supplements

    6 Essential Travel SupplementsSafeguarding your health while traveling makes for a much better trip because you can enjoy the local cuisine with less worry, more energy, and (hopefully) no digestive upset. It can also help you avoid having to do a total cleanse when you get home. If you are experiencing any gut or immune issues, or getting ready for a trip, one or more of these might be the formula you need for greater health and balance....read more

  • How to Overcome Low Vitamin D and Depression

    How to Overcome Low Vitamin D and Depression In today’s Randy & Christa Show, we discuss something that 70-80% of the population struggles with: Vitamin D deficiency. Depletion in this essential fat-soluble vitamin can be a root cause of depression, anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelm, insomnia, or immune issues....watch now

  • Healthier Alternatives to Soda

    Healthier Alternatives to Soda Because of the excessive high fructose corn syrup content, one Coke is harder on the liver than one beer. This is a major reason why our poor children are getting fatty liver disease, a disease formally only alcoholics got. It’s time to get rid of the soda once and for all....watch now

  • The Kidney Cleansing and Protecting Cocktail

    The Kidney Cleansing and Protecting CocktailHow often do you think about your kidneys and all they do for you? The kidneys are crucial organs because they keep blood composition stable, which allows the body to function well. They work hard daily to cleanse and detox your body by filtering anywhere from 180-200 quarts of blood. Today we make a kidney cleansing cocktail!...watch now

  • The Adrenal Healing Creamsicle

    The Adrenal Healing CreamsicleThis Adrenal Creamsicle has helped pull me and many of my clients out of deep adrenal exhaustion. The four ingredients in this magic bullet contain the perfect ratio of carbohydrates (50%), fat (25%), and protein (25%) and essential trace minerals to shut off the stress response, feed the thyroid, and balance blood sugar. ...watch now

  • How to “Turn Off” the Genes for Future Disease Through the GI Tract

    How to “Turn Off” the Genes for Future Disease Through the GI Tract What if I told you that you have the power to turn on or off the genes for disease within your body? This is a new and emerging field called epigenetics. Instead of identifying with a set of symptoms, a disease, or even the organisms that cause these symptoms and diseases, we should instead focus on the combined genetic material of ALL the organisms...watch now

  • Homemade Healing Spice Tea (HUGE digestive benefits)

    Homemade Healing Spice Tea (HUGE digestive benefits) Cumin, coriander and fennel tea (aka CCF tea) has long been revered as an Ayurvedic method to improve digestion. It calms and soothes inflammation, helps with protein digestion and assimilation, and it can also train your pancreas to produce more of its own enzymes! This tea is GREAT not only for digestion but also for weight loss, mental clarity, and detoxification....watch now

  • Wheat, Grains, and Daily Carb Allowance with Dr. Davis

    Wheat, Grains, and Daily Carb Allowance with Dr. DavisIn today’s interview we speak with Dr. William Davis, board certified cardiologist and author of New York Times best selling book, Wheat Belly. Dr. Davis compares different types of high carbohydrate foods, giving us recommendations for the healthier options. He also explains how avoiding some of these foods can help prevent health problems in the future....watch now

  • Is Gluten Really That Bad for You?

    Is Gluten Really That Bad for You?Do you think this whole gluten-free thing is just a fad or is it real? There’s been a lot of debate on gluten in the health world and even in the media. Many medical doctors claim that if you don’t have Celiac disease than you don’t have to worry about gluten because the whole gluten sensitivity thing is really just a fad....watch now

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