Today we dive deep into electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure. I feel this is an important topic which is not getting the attention it deserves in our high-tech, constantly-connected, powered-up world.

Let’s discuss what EMFs are and how to reduce your exposure to them on a daily basis, whether in your home, your office, or in your pocket (are you ever without your cell phone?).

Two Sources of EMF Exposure

There are two sources of electromagnetic field exposure.

1: Electric fields, which include anything that is electric and has a voltage. Examples are cell phones, WiFi, electrical outlets, and all appliances.

2: Magnetic fields which include anything that has an electric motor, such as a refrigerator, power meter outside your house and yes, ladies – your hair dryers! They are actually one of the worst offenders.

How Do EMF’s Impact Our Health?

1: Electrical devices produce frequencies which communicate with our cellular structures, such as electrons and atoms. These frequencies can disrupt our chemistry. In 2011, The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer labeled magnetic radiation as a class 3 carcinogen.

2: EMF exposure research shows it may reduce the pineal glands production of melatonin. We all know the benefits of the hormone melatonin for sleep and its ability to suppress cancer cells.

3: If you are sensitive to EMF exposure, you may have fatigue, poor sleep, and a lower ability than normal to handle stress. Chronic EFM exposure or sensitivity can also lead to a foggy brain. It has also been linked to chronic fatigue, mitochondrial issues, poor neurological health, anxiety and ADD/ADHD.

8 Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure:

1: Put a Barrier Between You and Your Laptop: Keep your laptop away from your lap (I know, the irony!) and if necessary use a Lap-Pad or put a pillow barrier between you.

2: The Power of Plants: NASA researchers have done studies and research on the best and most efficient ways to clean the air in space stations, and they recommend 15-18 plants for an 1800 square foot home or apartment. Plants can absorb toxins through their leaves and serve as a natural way to filter the air in your home. The plants we recommend include peace lily, chrysanthemum (pot mum), cactus (absorbs EMFs and reduces computer radiation and indoor pollution), and Aloe (used medicinally in support of detoxification and digestive health but also against radiation and EMF exposure). We did an entire show on this here. I have at least two plants in every room and a living wall in my office next to the wifi. A living wall is an easy way to load up on plants especially if you don’t have the space for large houseplants.

3: Salt Lamps: Salt lamps act as natural negative ion generators, ionizing the atmosphere, and help in neutralizing EMF radiation. I have a salt lamp in every room of my home including even having a salt block in the kitchen and a set of pink salt candle holders in my bathroom!

4: Spend Time in Nature: Grounding in nature is the best way to reach optimal mental and physical health, even just 15-30 minutes at a time. Grounding products, such as a grounding mat can be beneficial as well.

5: Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Head: Use your phone speaker instead of holding it up to your ear and avoid making calls when you have poor service. The National Toxicology Program found an increase in brain cancer from overexposure to cell phones. We don’t have many published studies regarding cell phone frequencies because they have not been around long enough for us to see the effects of long-term use. I believe this will change in the coming years. In the meantime, please get a qualified, tested, and proven shield with a silicon-based microprocessor to put on the back of your phone to reduce its EMFs. Our favorite, and the one on my phone, is by airestech. (Use coupon code TWJ10 for 10% off your order.)

6: Ditch the Blow Dryer: Did you know that a hair dryer can emit roughly 40 milligauss to 20,000 milligauss in EMFs? To put this in context, a microwave emits 100-500 milligauss. Try air-drying your hair a couple days a week or take advantage of dry shampoo. This is also a beauty tip. Since having Austin, I really don’t have time to dry my hair any longer and my hair quality has really improved as a result. 🙂

7: Not So Smart Meters: If possible, avoid installing smart meters into your house. They are electronic devices which automatically record electrical energy usage for monitoring and proper billing. Thousands of people and their families are feeling the effects of smart meters and often complain of dizzy spells, fatigue, ear ringing, anxiety, heart palpitations and disrupted sleep. You can call your power company and pay a fee to have them remove the smart meter and replace it with an old-school analog meter. This one is “on my list”.

8: Antioxidant Rich Foods: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich foods to help negate the effects of EMFs, so stock up on those. We did an entire Food as Medicine show about this here.

Optimizing Sleep Through Reducing EMF Exposure:

No Phone in the Bedroom: Avoid having your phone in the bedroom. This is one of the most important things you can do for your sleep! Go old-school with battery alarm clocks and leave the phone in the kitchen. Or, if that just isn’t practical for you, make sure your phone is in airplane mode.

Proper Plugs: Try keeping plugs 6-8 feet away from your bed. This is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Try unplugging as many things as you can at night. Power strips can be great for this.

Note: this means do not charge your phone next to your bed. Use a battery alarm clock if possible.

Turn off the WiFi: We live in an instant gratification society and high-speed wifi is no exception. Check and see if there are wifi signals in your bedroom, this includes Bluetooth connections, wireless printers, and cable boxes.

Now we want to hear from you in the comments below.

Do you feel you are affected by too much EMF exposure?

What are the top three things from our list above that you can comfortably work into your life to reduce your EMF exposure?