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“Thank you for your Candida Cleanse e-program. I have severely suffered with Candida for 15+ years. I have done the anti-candida diet & the anti-fungal diet for 6 months each. Then I did the GAPS diet for 2 years, while taking herbal anti-fungals. For over a year, I took Diflucan weekly and then for 6 months took Diflucan monthly. I faithfully followed those diets, desperate for healing. I can't begin to explain all that I have done/tried to heal the Candida, yet….still suffered with Candida…..I was hesitant to spend the money and try your approach. I praise God; I decided to give your program a try. For the first time in 30 years, I am finally healed from my Candida. Today, after a mere 6 weeks, my ph is balanced and my saliva test is clear. I have never experienced this amount of healing ever! I am astonished. I could write pages….but no amount of words can express my gratitude for your cleanse. It really worked. You have blessed this lady more than you will ever understand. I truly can't convey my gratitude to you. I am overwhelmed! I hope someday I can meet you face to face….I would hug you! You are worth the money! ”

– Crystal N.

I came to The Whole Journey suffering from adrenal fatigue, candidiasis, and severe food sensitivities. Christa's incredible wisdom, protocols and support have enabled me to begin to reverse DECADES worth of damage. Christa has transformed more than just my health. She's made it possible for me to feel like the person I've always wanted to be, and I now have the energy to pursue my passion (wellness coaching). Thank you for everything, Christa.”

– Erica L.

“When I completed the virtual Candida Cleanse, I learned more than I ever would have imagined about about candida, adrenals, thyroid, the gut, and so much more. I’ve already begun to regain my health in many different ways through the food, supplements and support. Words can’t begin to describe how empowered I feel through The Whole Journey and the support group. Christa’s dedication to healing is truly a gift to this world!”

– Rachel Madore

I have officially lost all my baby weight! Yay for me and thank you Christa and The Whole Journey for changing my life. I have never been in so much peace nor had so much energy in as long as I can remember. I am a lucky girl to have found you!”

– Arika Daniels

“My body was in crisis before Christa's [Candida] cleanse. I suffered from recurring yeast infections, inflamed sinuses, severe headaches, and couldn't lose weight no matter what I tried. Her step-by-step process for eliminating Candida cleared up ALL of my infections and I lost the stubborn weight I was carrying around. I have tremendous energy now and love exercise. Christa literally saved my life!”

– Kris Bradley

“I have kicked my sugar habit! PMS is so much better. Anxiety is so much better and I am sleeping deeper. You truly have a gift and I completely believe you were put on this earth to do what you do. The fact that you have been able to CHANGE MY LIFE from across the country and have never even met me is amazing. I am forever grateful.”

– Kate M

“Your candida cleanse helped me get my life back in balance. I have not felt this content in over 3 years!”

– Ashley Dillon

I came to The Whole Journey initially to figure out why I felt so tired all the time. What I accomplished by working with Christa for three months has been truly remarkable. I discovered the causes of my migraines and now, a headache is rare. I was able to rid my body of yeast overgrowth, to rebuild and repair my digestive track and to heal from adrenal fatigue. What a relief to not be suffering silently anymore! I’ve gained wisdom about which foods really nourish me and have been able to replace or cut-back on those foods that aren’t. I’ve also lost 10 lbs. in the process without trying. This has been a wonderful journey of discovery; I realize that I care about myself and the way I’m feeling much more than I did before.

– Carollyn Rock

“There is no greater feeling than being rooted on your journey to feel whole again.”


Enroll in the
Kick Candida for Good program.

“I began my journey as a mother at a very young age. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that things started to change. We wanted one more child and it seemed that it just wasn’t going to happen. I had multiple miscarriages, one after the other. My doctor thought it was just my body changing. But I couldn’t accept going from having a healthy reproductive system to one with the inability to conceive in a matter or 2 years. I knew I wasn’t taking the best possible care of my body (like I should) and thought maybe I could change that. I found Christa through a friend on Facebook and was hooked! I watched so many of her videos and read everything I could on her website, realizing I could heal my own body! I started with her Candida Cleanse. I changed the way I thought about my food and focused on healing my body from the inside. I started feeling a change almost instantly and got pregnant about 6 months after starting my journey to heal myself. Not only has my body changed, but more importantly, my mind changed! Our bodies are so amazing and can truly take a lot of neglect. Thanks to Christa, I’ve stopped neglecting my beautiful body and started FEEDING it!”

– Christina Anderson


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