Candida Free in just 6 weeks!

Clinical Nutritionist, Author and TV Host, Christa Orecchio, will guide you through an easy-to-follow
6-week program proven to eliminate candida and permanently ease digestion.

What is Candida?

Candida albicans is a strain of yeast that lives in the intestinal tract. It can become problematic when it gets out of balance and overgrows.

Candida will grow out of balance if your health or constitution has been weakened, typically by using antibiotics. Because non-organic meat contains antibiotics, many of us are consuming them on a regular basis.

Other contributing factors for Candida overgrowth include excessive sugar, coffee or alcohol consumption, parasitic infections and chronic stress.

Top 10 Symptoms

White coating on the tongue
Intestinal distress (constipation, bloating & gas)
Depression & anxiety not tied to circumstance
Mental fog you simply can't shake
Debilitating fatigue or exhaustion
Intense sugar cravings
Chronic sinus or yeast infections or excess mucous
Skin breakouts, eczema, psoriasis
Nail fungus, jock itch
Persistent food or environmental allergies

Our program has helped over 4,000 people to:

Lose Stubborn Weight

Overcome weight loss resistance by improving their gut bacteria.

Reduce Brain Fog

Improve mental clarity and sharpness.

Heal Leaky Gut & IBS

Dramatically improve digestive and immune function.

Improve Thyroid Conversion

Remove the block to converting the inactive thyroid hormone (T4) to the active thyroid hormone (T3).

Diminish Disease

Kick Candida and reduce their lifetime chances of cancer & bowel disease.

Eliminate Pain & Inflammation

Feel comfortable in their own body again by removing the underlying triggers of inflammation.

I faithfully followed other diets, desperate for healing. For the first time in 30 years, I am finally healed from my Candida. Today after a mere 6 weeks, my ph is balanced and my saliva test is clear. I have never experienced this amount of healing ever!

Crystal N.

I suffered from yeast infections, inflamed sinuses, severe headaches and couldn't lose weight no matter what I tried.  Kick Candida cleared up ALL of my infections and I lost the stubborn weight I was carrying around.

Kris Bradley


Here's what you'll get:

5 Hours of How-to-Videos
Supporting Handouts for each session
Quick Link sheet for easy reference
Candida Cleanse Protocol
Meal Planners and Shopping Lists
55 Delicious Candida Friendly Recipes

Supplements & Natural Protocol
Symptoms Protocol
FAQ List for every session
Weekly Encouragement Emails
Tips for Cleansing Success
Lifetime Access

Candida cleanse protocol: exactly what you can/can't eat, meal planning, cleansing strategies and supplement protocol.


Cellular and digestive cleansing including heavy metals, viruses, colonics, oil pulling, vitamin IVs, infrared saunas, and supporting the liver. We'll discuss bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, mold and fungus in depth.


New ways to make fast, convenient interesting meals. Use food as medicine to heal the thyroid, adrenals and digestive system. Learn the emotional roots to physical health issues, addressing the entire person.

Adrenal fatigue, balancing brain chemistry. Cancer prevention and detailed thyroid tracking.


Repopulate with good bacteria, healing the lining of the gut (get rid of “Leaky Gut') and rebuild hydrochloric acid.


Details on how to live a balanced, healthy, willpower-free life after the cleanse.




Really Get…

The ability to maintain a balanced weight with ease
The End of Lifelong Constipation & Bloating
Better Moods
Regain Your Fertility
Lasting energy and enthusiasm
Overcome Adrenal Fatigue
Clear Skin
Peace of Mind
A longer Life

And happiness not tied to external factors, but happiness that comes from living in a vibrant body!

Don't wait to change your life enroll today!

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What are the symptoms of Candida overgrowth?

White coating on the tongue
Intestinal distress such as constipation, bloating, or gas
Depression and anxiety not tied to circumstance
Brain fog
Debilitating fatigue / exhaustion with adequate sleep
Intense sugar cravings
Chronic sinus or yeast infections or excess mucous
Ckin breakouts, eczema, psoriasis
Nail fungus, jock itch
Persistent food or environmental allergies

Should I do Kick Candida for Good or Gut Thrive in 5?

Kick Candida is specific to candida and elimination of heavy metals and the enhanced viral activity that comes with it. The program is targeted to get candida in balance and to heal the gut lining as well as boost the thyroid and adrenals.


The Gut Thrive in 5 (GT5) program is going to re-educate the entire immune system. It addresses  all manner of pathogens including fungus/candida, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), worms, protozoa, h.pylori etc. GT5 is is longer and more intensive (harder to follow) than Kick Candida, but it is also gentler because it involves a ramp up period to slash inflammation. GT5 is for those who want to reboot their health and mitochondria at the cellular level as well as for those with chronic digestive disorders or autoimmune diseases.

If you know you only have candida (through the spit test, written quiz, blood or saliva test), then  will want to go ahead and enroll in Kick Candida. If you think you have other issues going on in addition to candida, Gut Thrive in 5 is the more appropriate choice.

Do I need lab work done before I start the cleanse?

No lab work is required prior to beginning Kick Candida. If you prefer to have lab work, however, you may want to run an antibody blood test including IgG, IgA, and IgM or a stool analysis test (where samples are collected over 3-5 days for greater accuracy).

How much does the program cost?

The program cost is $247. This cost does not include supplements.

Are supplements included in the program?

The supplements for Kick Candida are not included in the program cost. We estimate that you will spend approximately $300 on supplements, in order to complete the basic program.

How long is the program?

Depending on how much overgrowth you have, the basic program will last anywhere from 6- 9 weeks. Extreme cases will have to do an extra round of antifungals, extending their cleanse 2 additional weeks.

What kind of diet will I need to follow?

You will be following a dairy free, gluten free dietary protocol with no added sugar, sweeteners, additives, fermented foods, refined carbohydrates or processed grains. The primary focus will be on consuming pure, clean foods that promote a healthy lifestyle and help bring about balance in your body.

Can vegetarians/vegans do this program?

Yes, it is possible to follow the program as a vegan/vegetarian, making substitutions as necessary. There are suggestions and considerations for vegetarians and vegans in the meal plans and recipes. You will just make certain you use enough plant-based protein. Do keep in mind that while we have considerations, we do not have specific meal plans for vegetarians as the protocol and dietary recommendation do lean more heavily on clean animal proteins for optimal results. We have had many successful vegetarian and vegan participants. You’ll just modify the meal plans and dietary guidelines to work with your own diet.

Can children do this program?

The standard protocol for the program is recommended for children 12 and over. If you have a child that’s younger you will have to do a 30-minute consult with one of our Kick Candida practitioners to have them customize the supplement dose for you. One option is to do Kick Candida yourself and have your children follow the diet.

What if I'm pregnant or nursing?

We recommend following just the diet if you are pregnant or nursing for less than 9 months. You will still receive benefits from following the dietary recommendations (and just a few of the supplements) along with these modifications. The remainder of the program can be implemented at a later date, if necessary.

Is there anyone who shouldn't do the program?

If you have a history of heavy metal toxicity or a lot of metal in your mouth or body with persistent symptoms, you will need to take care of that before pursuing this cleanse. If you have a history of trouble with detoxification, you might consider going the Gut Thrive in 5 route which is longer and gentler.

What kind of support can I expect?

Our Customer Service Staff provides support for Kick Candida via email, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm PST. We do our best to respond to inquiries within 48 business hours or less.

You will have to work hard, but we promise it will be worth it.
And if our program isn't working for you, we have a 30-day
money back guarantee.



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