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Much of the fertility talk aimed at women over 30 can be alarmist (ticktock!) or depressing (scary statistics!). But authors Christa Orecchio and Willow Buckley, a nutritionist and a homeopath, respectively, say there’s a more natural, less-fear-driven way to prepare for conception. In their new book “How To Conceive Naturally: And Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30,” they tell readers what foods they — and their partners — can eat to prepare their bodies for a baby…Read the full article here.

Paleo Magazine
It's no mystery that eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables improves our health, moods and well-being, but yet, it can be a bit of a challenge to get enough of these foods into our diet. Since June is National Fruits and Veggies Month, let's re-commit to eating these lifegiving foods on a regular basis.

One of the best tips I can give to make this happen is to do something with your produce when you get it home from the store. Budget 30 minutes for food prep each time you grocery shop. For fruit, wash all the fruit you get so that it will be ready to go when you’d like to eat it; that includes rinsing berries in a strainer.

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How to eat healthy at five local restaurants
Read about the healthiest choices at five local San Diego restaurants including: Wang's North Park, Davanti Enoteca, World Famous, Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and Truluck's.

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The 8 Food Myths That May Be Harming You
Since March is National Nutrition Month, I thought it was a perfect time to look at some of the most common food myths that I encounter in my work as a nutritionist and health counselor. These myths are more than just fables – they might be keeping you from optimal health.

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The key to improving health is simply having awareness around it. If we don’t know that something exists, we will never know what we’re missing. As the founder of Whole Journey Wellness, my goal is to empower clients to take their own health journey. We can take a practical approach to our weight and health goals, by changing what we keep in the house, and therefore what we put in our bodies.

Keep your commitment to yourself by implementing what you learn in this article to slowly and steadily re-stock your kitchen with new, healthy items you may not have heard of before. By purchasing 3-5 new products each time you shop at a health food store, and making a commitment to experiment with them, you can have access to more vibrant health than you ever thought

Del Mar Lifestyle Magazine
Your book is coming out on Prenatal Nutrition, How To Conceive Naturally And Have A Healthy Pregnancy After 30. What can you tell us about the book?

I'm excited to share it! The book is fresh and different in that it takes a 5-trimester approach to pregnancy with preconception being the first trimester. In the preconception phase, we lay out a 12-week plan to cleanse and build the body to prepare it to conceive naturally…Read the full article here.

For many of us, summer eating means outdoor cooking and lots of barbeques. Grilling is a longtime fun tradition for so many of us. There are both healthy and unhealthy ways to grill. When we grill using high heat, proteins in meat and fish can get converted to something called herterocyclic amines or HCAs. These HCAs are chemicals that have been linked to tumors in animals as well a great risk for breast, colon, stomach and prostate cancer…Read the full article here

Keeping in theme with local and seasonal eating is one of the most rewarding ways to connect to the season. It is such a healthy way to keep your body in balance as the holidays approach. This is also a practice you can feel good about globally because it eliminates the environmental damage caused by shipping food thousands of miles. Autumn is a time to turn to foods that are warming and grounding such as carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, onions and garlic. These foods build heat in the body prepping you to stay warm throughout the winter. They also provide powerful and ease-to-use nutrients to boost your immune system, calm your moods and balance out energy levels.

The Whole Journey, a holistic nutritional counseling and product awareness company offers complimentary “Healthy Grocery Store” tours each month to the public through Cardiff's Seaside Market. The tours include 10 healthy recipes, a 60-minute tour focusing on how to “upgrade” your diet to include new, healthier foods and a sampling of three recipes following the tour.

Christa Orecchio, CN and founder of gives us some great tips for a healthy pregnancy with natural ways to stave off anemia, keep hydrated for ample amniotic fluid, and how to strengthen baby's bones while keeping mom strong and nourished.

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Superfoods. Chances are, you've heard the term, but do you really know what they are. And how they can help you? Consider this your “Superfoods 101” course, complete with the skinny on how these powerhouses can help build bones, prevent chronic diseas, improve eyesight, keep your mind sharp, and even help you get (and stay) slim…read more.

Journey to Health

Embrace nutritional foods with help from The Whole Journey, a San Diego-based holistic nutritional counseling practice founded by clinical nutritionist Christa Orecchio. “I want my clients to understand how their body functions optimally, so they can make conscious food choices,” says Orecchio. She has teamed up with Sur La Table and Jimbo's to host 80/20 Wellness and Wine, a series that ties nutritional, gourmet cooking with wine and live music, showing participants that healthy cuisine doesn't have to be boring. Orecchio adds, “A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be entirely regimented. Life is about balance, not deprivation or denial.”