Healthy eating can be expensive And for many, it is simply cost-prohibitive.But things are changing and health is truly becoming a mainstream movement.

We had a local, conventional grocery store chain here recently change over to a new name. Out of curiosity, (and because my friend thinks Whole Foods is too expensive), we popped into one this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many healthy, organic foods there that I usually purchase at Whole Foods, offered at a lower price!

My heart soared, not just because I saved a few bucks on that particular shopping trip, but because this is a symbol of the change we have been wanting for so very long.

It is happening.

Healthy eating is becoming more affordable and I believe it will only continue to exponentially as this movement grows.

That’s why I went on the road with FOX for today’s food as medicine episode to a mom-and-pop, non-health food store in National City to show you how to hunt down healthy food anywhere.

On today's segment, we take 5-minutes to explore the beverage section.

Note: in the video, we mention Tazo and Mighty Leaf tea, but recent developments have led us to believe those might not be the best options. Instead, we recommend Choice and Numi tea.

Once you’ve watched today’s food as medicine episode, I want to hear from you.

What type of health food is available in your area at non-health food stores?

Are you seeing this healthy food being offered in more locations at affordable prices yet?

For those of you who do not yet have easy access to healthy food, there’s Thrive Market, an online health food store with wholesale prices (typically 30% off of what you can find at Whole Foods) so you may want to check them out here.


Want to learn more tips for healthy grocery shopping?

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