I’m super pumped to share this with you today.

You guys have likely heard me talk about Candida on many podcasts, summits, and on the thewholejourney.com – but that is mostly to a community who knows about Candida and functional medicine.

Today I got the chance to bring it out to the mainstream with FOX5.

Their viewership is 164,000 and they are “the mainstream” that have likely never heard of Candida before, even 60% of the viewers likely have it, unbeknownst to them.

They struggle with brain fog, bloating, constipation, and raging sugar cravings that will affect their long-term gut health, thyroid, and adrenals, leading to less life in their years.

This is why it was such a pleasure to be able to share this.

Watch as Erica tries my “sludgy cocktail”…hahaha, she says, “that’s the worst thing you’ve ever given me!”

Those of you who’ve done our Gut Thrive in 5 or Kick Candida For Good programs know that it’s not a tasty treat, but you can get it down without cringing. No pain, no gain, right?

I’ve been drinking it daily for a few weeks now, and while I have to “choke it down” just like the rest of you, I think of all of you who’ve done and are doing the same thing and think to myself “we’re all in this together – bottom’s up!” 😉

Head over to this blog for a full 30-minute Randy and Christa show all about Candida where I go through the entire protocol. You'll learn other candida symptoms along with what causes candida and the type of diet you need to naturally treat candida. Find out more about our Kick Candida For Good program here.

You can also take our quiz to find out if you're suffering from candida overgrowth.



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