What is The Whole Journey?

We are all about teaching others how to heal themselves with food and by addressing the root cause of a health issue because we want to see as many people as possible living healthier, happier, more energetic lives.

Does The Whole Journey subscribe to a particular dietary theory?

We are dietary “agnostics”, meaning that we do not subscribe to any one dietary theory, but rather pull from a variety of many theories helping others to create a customized plan for their unique needs and taste preferences. However, we will never be fans of gluten, white sugar, pasteurized dairy, soy, or vegetable oils and pretty much steer everyone away from them.

How can I sign up for your weekly newsletters?
What nutrition schools do you recommend?

We get so excited when we hear about individuals who want to get an education in nutrition. We commend you for your passion in this much-needed area.

CLICK HERE for The Whole Journey's list of recommended programs.

What nutrition books do you recommend?

Our Amazon Store has an extensive list of recommended reading. The Whole Journey Recommended Resource List is where you can find recommended documentaries, movies, and podcasts that will blow your mind as well.

What products or brands do you recommend?

We have a full team dedicated to cutting through the hype and getting you unbiased info you can trust with out healthy product review site. See over 500 products we reviewed at our product review site and get a free healthy product swap PDF of our top 30 swaps!

What types of supplements do you recommend and how much can I expect to spend?

Please check our blog, “Nutritional and Herbal Supplements 101” to learn about general recommended supplements. Check out the Supplements section of our product review site for detailed info on our favorite supplements we’ve used in private practice with raging success. 🙂

Visit that here to get your questions answered!

What if I am new to all of this, where do you recommend I start?

First get familiar with the information I’m teaching as it applies to you and your life/health. Choose a particular blog category for whatever it is you are working on. If my philosophy resonates with you, I'd recommend starting with our action-drivenHealthy Life Handbook. It will teach exactly what to do/eat and when to change your life in the direction of perfect digestion (no more bloating!), high energy, mental clarity, and emotional well being.


If you want to go deeper from there, work with Christa either by going through ourtotal digestive overhaul/candida cleanse (we have a free, easy test to see if you have it/need it) or learn absolutely everything Christa has to share on functional medicine, the adrenal glands, the digestive system, and the thyroid as well as all manner of functional nutrition topics with corresponding action plans in our three-month nutrition e-program. These programs are DIY so before embarking on one, you will have to make sure you are a self-starter.

Does The Whole Journey run lab tests?

Not anymore but almost all of our referral partners do. Stay tuned because by year-end we will have 3 referral partners that we will team up with and Christa will oversee their cases so you will get the personalized, individualized attention you need and deserve!

How can I work with you? Do you work with private clients?

I maintained a bustling private practice for eight years and had the privilege of working with over 1000 individuals in that time frame. In December 2013, I closed my private practice with the intention of helping many more people than what is possible in a one-on-one setting. I created a series of highly detailed online coursesand books that share all of my knowledge and information to help you become your own best doctor and to heal from the root cause using food as medicine. You can find out more about those here: http://thewholejourney.com/programs

I am also focusing on finishing my new fertility and prenatal nutrition book and working on our national TV show, “The Randy and Christa Show: News That Makes You Healthier” which is an action-focused health show imparting the tenets of functional medicine and healing from the root cause. My hope is that this show plays a part in a major paradigm shift of how health, medicine, and food quality are approached worldwide so that unnecessary health issues and suffering can be reversed. Look for it on a new network, Dr. TV. Here is our site map of where the show is playing so you can check your local listings.

Or if you are looking to work with an individual one-on-one, check out our referral partners and stay tuned because by year-end we will have 3 referral partners that we will team up with and Christa will oversee their cases so you will get the personalized, individualized attention you need and deserve from two practitioners committed to being your partner in your health journey.

Can you help me with specific health issues?

If you have questions about specific health issues, please look at our extensive list ofblogs and videos for a wide array of valuable information or see our recipes for healthy meal ideas. We routinely answer blog post question from these parts of our site as well as on our Whole Journey Facebook Page.

Please note that due to liability, we can answer detailed and specific health questions publicly (if you are not our private client). That is both not responsible and not in your best interest without us knowing your full health history.

Do you work with vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eating aficionados?

Yup! We work with followers of all dietary choices and/or needs, respecting each client's personal preference. We like to call ourselves “dietary agnostic” with a penchant for high-quality animal protein. We respect the vegan/vegetarian choice, and our goal is simply to help people be the healthiest they can be within the constraints of what feels good and comfortable to them. We can guide them toward getting the right amount of protein and enhancing its absorption, as well as protein synthesis.

Work with me

I would love to work with you to guide you toward better health!

As of December 2013, my direction has shifted away from working with individuals one-on-one with the intention of spreading the mission of using food as medicine to heal from the root cause on a grander scale.

What has happened to our food supply, the number of people suffering unnecessarily, and the amount of people who are in pain, exhausted, depressed, and overly medicated weighs on me daily.

This is why I am working virtually with many people and being much more active in the media and on TV. My intention is to educate as many people as possible how to heal themselves while also helping to improve our food supply so that we don't have to create so many sick and suffering people who need to be guided back to health.

There are several highly effective, inspiring ways for us to work together!

The best way is through my new Whole Journey Three-Month Nutrition Program, which includes all 8 years of my clinical and holistic experience working with over a thousand private clients. It takes you gently, yet very thoroughly through the process I have created and put private clients through for years.

Click here to learn more about the course!

The program offers:

  • Over 9 hours of LIVE webinars with me
  • 3 hours of pre-recorded Q&A webinars
  • 6 hours of comprehensive video taking you through The Whole Journey process step-by-step
  • Customized, bi-weekly action items for three months
  • Meal plans, recipes, healthy product swaps, a homeopathic protocol for surgery
  • 4 Hours of Deeper Science Recordings on the Adrenals, Immune System, Thyroid, and Digestive system with customized protocols (it took me years to learn) that will help you to become your own best doctor
  • A 90-minute healthy grocery store tour covering all sections of the market
  • A community discussion board where you can bond and share your experiences, successes, and challenges with hundreds of others going through the same process.

Other ways for us to work together are through our action-driven Healthy Life Handbook or diving into our 6-week digestive overhaul and Candida cleanse.

What about the big TWJ 3 month nutrition e-course? How do I decide to do that versus finding a practitioner to work with me individually?

Our virtual program is designed to help 70-80% of the population heal from digestive, immune, hormone, skin, and blood sugar issues, as well as to provide the tools to create a nourishing, nurturing relationship with food and self.

I call it “finishing work”. If you commit to it (you must be a good online learner) and work the program, you will create an entirely new lifestyle you love – diet, exercise, mindset, and more.

The program includes our cookbook, meal plans, shopping lists, a grocery store tour, deeper science section with customized protocols, and six, full video sessions of which you will have lifetime access. I email you each week with support and encouragement The Whole Journey Online Program is something you can benefit from tremendously and revisit for years to come. BUT….

IF you have been really sick for an extended period of time or if you are a health care practitioner that has been studying functional medicine for more than one to two years, this program might not be advanced enough for your needs. In that case, I'd recommend working with an individual practitioner with whom you feel comfortable and cared for.

Are your products digital or do I receive a hard copy in the mail?

All e-products are downloadable products that are printer-friendly. Please note, we do not give refunds if you order these digital products. You can download and print the material but you will not receive a hard copy from TWJ.