9 Solutions For Breast Cancer Prevention & Recurrence

It’s breast cancer awareness month.  My mom has been a survivor for nearly 10 years. 

I can almost guarantee you know at least one person who has or has had breast cancer, likely and unfortunately – I’ll bet it’s a handful or more people. 

There is SO much we can do to prevent breast cancer and to dilute the 1 in 8 women statistic. 

Or if you’ve already had or are currently going through treatment, there is SO much you can do to prevent recurrence. It’s also possible to add on supportive cancer care during treatment with holistic methods. 

Below, I’m sharing a three-part interview I just did with breast cancer survivor (and thriver), Cynthia Apodaca, founder of Tea of a Kind – the high antioxidant tea. 

I helped her years ago while she was going through breast cancer and afterward to rejuvenate her liver and cellular health post treatment. 

We discuss why breast cancer is proliferating, what we can do to prevent it or prevent the recurrence of it as well as supportive nutritional cancer care therapies if you’re currently going through treatment.

Part 1

  • Ways to test and balance your pH so that your body will be able to neutralize acidic poisons and support your liver, how to lower the inflammation set point of your body and how to strategically increase antioxidants.
  • How to use food as your medicine to make healthy upgrades without sacrificing taste.
  • Creating a body where all kinds of cancer, but especially breast cancer cannot thrive.

Part 2

Part 3

  • Why coffee enemas are crucial to support your liver, especially after chemotherapy is completed.
  • Nutritional IVs to replenish lost nutrient stores for faster recovery and rejuvenation.

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