Stop Living Off Stress Hormones.

Start Living In Balance.

80% of today’s population is living off stress hormones, which is wreaking havoc on our mental and physical health.

The Adrenal ReCode is a groundbreaking food-based clinical program, designed and led by Christa Orecchio, to help you stop living off stress hormones, free yourself from chronic anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, and overwhelm so you can live in a consistent state of calm and balance.

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Sign up for the waitlist to receive a free, results-oriented Adrenal ReCode Mini-Course that's only available for a limited time between December 11th, 2018 and January 6th, 2019.  This course begins teaching you how to stop living off stress hormones and start living in balance by recoding your adrenals, restoring your thyroid and healing your nervous system. Plus, we'll send you information on early enrollment (only when you sign up for the waitlist).

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

Have you ever experienced chronic stress, insomnia, trauma, or burnout?

Do you constantly live in a fearful, overwhelmed, or ‘stressed-out' state?

Then, The Adrenal ReCode program is for you.

This new cutting-edge program is designed to help you interrupt the chaotic pattern of living off stress hormones (cortisol/adrenaline) by teaching you how to recode your adrenals, rejuvenate your thyroid, nourish your brain and heal your nervous system, which allows the body to create lasting hormonal balance.

Events That Cause Us To Live Off Stress Hormones

  • Recent Trauma
  • Unresolved Childhood Trauma
  • Multiple Children / Multiple Pregnancies
  • Divorce Or Relationship Troubles
  • Financial Worries & Hardship
  • Eating A Ketogenic Diet For A Long Time
  • Too Much Alcohol, Caffeine, And Sugar
  • Sickness/Illness For You Or A Loved One
  • Overwork / Entrepreneurship
  • Loss / Grief

Do Any of These Ring True For You?

  • Feelings of Anxiety or Depression
  • Fear and Worry Are Always Nagging You
  • Insomnia and/or You Regularly Wake Up Between 1 – 4 am
  • Wake Up in the Morning with Your Heart Pounding
  • Weight Gain (even with the addition of dieting and exercise)
  • Experience Hanger (you get angry when you’re hungry)
  • Feel Irritable and/or Nervous For No Good Reason
  • Exhaustion / No Energy
  • Tired but Wired (inability to relax and let go)

If you answered yes to any of these, then you've been living off stress hormones and probably didn't even know it.

But you don't have to any longer.

You Can Reclaim Your Health & Live In Balance

To begin the journey, make sure to get on the waitlist to receive our free, results-oriented Adrenal ReCode Mini-Course (available for a limited time – Dec. 11, 2018 through Jan. 6, 2018) where we give you the first steps on how to recode your body and mind, so that you can stop living off stress hormones and start living in a more consistent state of balance, no matter what life throws your way.

Plus, we'll send you information on early enrollment (only when you sign up for the waitlist).

The Adrenal ReCode Enrollment Opens In…

About Christa

Christa Orecchio, the founder of, has been a clinical nutritionist for 13 years. Christa’s helped thousands of people overcome adrenal fatigue & thyroid disorder in order to create lasting hormonal balance and a strong nervous system. She is a sought-after speaker, TV show host, and bestselling author. Learn more about Christa and her journey here.