This summer, I took a much-needed vacation to Europe with my boyfriend. As you can imagine, traveling through the UK and France with a gluten and cheese-loving boyfriend had its challenges for the green juice-loving health coach.

However, I was easily able to find kale chips and green juice in the UK, which was exciting for me. 😉

I fully embrace the 80/20 rule, or more like the 60/40 rule when I travel out of the country, so that I can experience all of the culture a place has to offer and let loose a little.

That's where my essential travel supplements come in to keep me balanced and not having to do too much clean up work on my health when I get home.

Here are my six essential supplements I took every day on this trip:

1: Oregano oil – just one a day to keep my immune system balanced while being on the go in so many places

2: Digestzymes –wonderful full-spectrum enzymes with HCL to help with all the charcuterie in France 😉

3: MBC – This is an exceptional probiotic that recolonizes the microbiome. Flying changes your gut bacteria and it takes awhile for your gut microbiome to the adjust to new air, water, food, etc so 1/day while traveling keeps my digestion healthy, my skin clear, and my immune system strong. I usually suggest taking a higher dose consistently during travel, like 100 or 200 billion CFUs (unless you have SIBO, in which case, a soil-based probiotic of 5 billion CFUs should be supportive).

4: Desiccated Liver – My superstar I cannot live without to help keep my energy up and take care of my thyroid, liver, and adrenals when my eating schedule is all over the place and there is amazing wine nightly. 😉

5: ZGLUTn – I use ZGLUTn before eating anything with gluten and dairy to help digest the proteins better so they don't cause inflammation and if I forget, I take them after. There has been some amazing, irresistible bread in France (I am not Celiac nor highly sensitive to gluten) so when in France, the Italian girl in me must eat the really good bread on occasion…the flour they use is double zero flour and much less inflammatory than the flour we use in the US.

I also take another ZGLUtn at night if I've had gluten that day. Dr. Tom would not agree of my inappropriate use of ZGLUtn (or his great product, GI Shield – I use the two interchangeably) so please, shhhhh. 😉

6: IgG Protect – This is a new colostrum I'm testing out by Orthomolecular to build the mucosal lining but my standard go-to by them for this purpose has always been Mucosagen because it contains lactoferrin and glutamine to protect the gut lining as well as NAC for help with detoxing.

You may think this is a lot of stuff, but when you put it in little baggies and just have them in your purse ready to pop at a meal, it’s quite easy. Plus, safeguarding your health like this while traveling makes for a much better trip because you can enjoy the local cuisine with less worry, more energy, and (hopefully) no digestive upset. It can also help you avoid having to do a total cleanse when you get home….although I will probably order Medi Meals and do a high vegetable vegan week upon returning.

We use all of these supplements in our Gut Thrive program with great success. If you are experiencing any gut or immune issues, or getting ready for a trip, one or more of these guys might be the formula you need for greater health and balance.

If you‘re on Instagram, head over there to see my absolute favorite city in France or to see the Croatian City that Game of Thrones was filmed in.

Do you have any tips to stay healthy while you travel? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section and I’m sure the rest of our community would too!