This segment speaks to the incredible healing power of using food as medicine to literally make or break a person’s experience of life for the rest of their life. Learn how to use fish oil to reduce swelling in the brain dramatically and to repair and heal the brain as well. If you know someone who has had a brain injury, brain tumor, a stroke, concussion, or a virus like meningitis or encephalitis, please share this with them.

This Food As Medicine topic is going to reveal some of the incredible healing properties of fish oil.  First, we want to talk about Grant Virgin who was actually in a coma and came out of it because of fish oil. It’s an incredible story.

Grant Virgin was in a very serious hit-and-run car accident, was airlifted, went through multiple surgeries, and ended up in a coma. The doctors told his mom, J.J. Virgin, who is very big into health and wellness, to let him go.  As a parent can you imagine someone telling you that?

JJ believed that there had to be something they could do, so all of her health and wellness family rallied around her and brought all of their knowledge and research together to put a plan in place to help Grant. They started giving him 20 grams of high quality fish oil through his feeding tube and within two days he was able to call his mom and a year later he was back to his usual activities.

This is such a great example of the healing power of fish oil. Have you heard of Dr. Barry Sears? He’s a very popular integrative medical doctor and he’s done a lot of research on brain health. Fatty acids make up 30 percent of our brain. So, if you’re in a coma and you have brain swelling (this goes for strokes, M.S., any kind of brain injury and even altitude sickness) you need these omega-3 fatty acids.

In 2006 after a terrible mining accident, Dr. Sears helped one of the miners (all of which had brain damage) make a full recovery by utilizing therapeutic fish oil.  That miner was the one person who survived and could walk and talk. It is incredible!

So how does fish oil help swelling?

If you bump your knee and it swells, that is inflammation. It’s the body’s reaction to injury.  If that happens in the brain, it could be fatal, or the impact could be long-lasting, such as not being able to speak again. Because of all the high-powered anti-inflammatory compounds in fish oil and because your brain is made of fatty acids, if it’s damaged and you give it fatty acids, it can start to regenerate.  So the swelling starts to shrink considerably, but then also regeneration can happen so the neurochemical messengers can communicate.

So how much fish oil should you take and how frequently?

We would suggest 1000mg a day on a regular basis, and it’s important to look for fish oil that’s darker in color. The ones that look very pale yellow had a lot of toxicity and metals in the fish. So this means they’ve distilled out all the metals, and you come up with this lighter yellow color. You want to find a fish oil that doesn’t have any toxicity occurring, so you don’t have to purify it. Then you get all the antioxidants as well, and you have to take less.

In today’s world, we’re not getting enough high-quality omega-3 fatty acids.  It wards off depression, which is becoming more and more prevalent.  It also helps our digestive system function better. It helps with regulating cholesterol and minimizes full body inflammation as well, which so many people are dealing with on a regular basis.

Here are a few brands that we recommend:

Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. Omega

Nordic Natural Arctic Cod Live Oil

New Chapter Whole Mega

Green Pastures

Vital Choice

What about pregnant or nursing women?

If you are taking a high-quality fish oil without toxicity and heavy metals then you are safe.

Let’s talk a little bit about other ways you can protect the brain and your central nervous system. We suggest everybody put Ceylon cinnamon in their coffee, in their smoothies, and however you can get it. In a study done with stroke victims where oxygen was cut off to the brain from the stroke, the victims brains were starving and they were losing brain cells very, very quickly. With the control group they were watching this decline in brain cells and then with the experiment group they added cinnamon to it and they had a 40 percent slower decline in brain cells.

This is incredible information!

Garlic is great if you have a sinus infection, meningitis, or encephalitis. Eat as much as you can stand. Walnuts are also very high in omega-3 fatty acids. A handful every few days is great for your brain.

Good quality oils are also fantastic for your health and brain. Avocado oil is great to cook with because it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. So save your olive oil for dressings instead, and you’ll be much healthier.