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Could It Be Adrenal Fatigue?

Did you know that two tiny glands, no bigger than a grape are responsible for your energy levels, your endurance and your vitality? You cannot live without your adrenal hormones and how well you live depends a great deal on how well your adrenal glands function. 

Adrenal fatigue is something affecting a great number of my clients as well as the ones closest to me, something that is often misdiagnosed and overlooked. 

Living in these days of uncertainty and overwhelm causes much stress, which is not easy on the adrenal glands. When the adrenals are tired the body may experience a number of different symptoms. The most common symptoms caused by tired or worn out adrenal glands are:

- excessive sweating or perspiration with little activity

- lower back pain and/or knee weakness or pain, especially on the side

- dark circles under the eyes

- dizziness

- muscle twitches

- low blood sugar

- heart palpitations

- sensitivity to light, difficulty seeing at night

- a craving for salt

- low stamina for stress, easy irritability

- excess mood responses after eating carbohydrates such as pasta, breads, and sugar

- chronic infections (bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast)

- low blood pressure

- lightheadedness upon standing up

- tired but wired feeling, poor sleep

- cravings for sweets/carbs, intolerance to alcohol

- premature aging

- dry, unhealthy skin with excess pigmentation

- lack of libido

- cystic breasts

- tendency to startle easily

- negative response to thyroid hormone

If you suspect you might have tired adrenals, address it right away. Adrenal glands are extremely important to your immune function and they also help the thyroid to function properly. I have full spectrum hormone and neurotransmitter testing available at my office, or you can ask your doctor or health care practitioner.

Natural Ways to Support Your Adrenals

- Get some sleep. You must rest up if you are going to help your adrenals get stronger. That means going to bed every night by 10pm and if at all possible, make time for naps. Make this a priority and stick with it. 

- Eliminate sugar (that includes alcohol) and processed carbs. Sugar and simple carbs (junk!) put stress on the adrenals.  Your adrenal glands help to regulate your blood sugar levels and eating too much refined sugar can cause bloating and water retention not to mention incredible irritability and mood swings. 

- Eat clean animal protein foods, organic vegetables and fruits, nuts, legumes, beans and grains.  

- Quit the coffee habit and drink plenty of fresh filtered water every day. Try Teeccino's herbal coffee instead of regualr coffee.

There is no need to live a sub par life where you are constantly feeling exhausted, out of balance and dragged through your daily obligations. By focusing for a few months on improving your diet and lifestyle, by resting, taking time to process your life and move through negative emotions and removing yourself from excessive chemicals – you will get yourself back, maybe even a new you, better than before. 

Brian Self • Sat September 24, 2011
"Christa's words here are gold!

This woman knows what she is talking about and I have found this to be true in my practice as well. Taking care of ourselves is numero uno and it is the best gift you can give to yourself and others."
"Marc Herlands • Sat September 24, 2011
Christa is amazing! She has a true gift for healing using nature and natural modalities. I would only comment not to forget to remove negative stress from your life and add positive stress such as mild exercise and stretching to help heal overworked adrenal glands. And don't forget to help the liver and gall bladder! Thanks.
omnadren 250 • Sat September 24, 2011
"great one, love it

thnx for sharing Christa!!!"
Amber • Sat September 24, 2011
This is a condition that I think many people are dealing with, without even knowing it. It's amazing how much less stressed you are when you take care of yourself first. Start today with making one small choice to enhance your health! You can do it!
too tired • Sat September 24, 2011
After being through finacial ruin, stage 4 aggressive cancer (still fighting and winning, in my opinion) I collapsed and went to ER off and on for a month before requesting a cortistol test only to have it come back as 1, meaning I was almost done for. I am so said that I fit every single one of the symptoms above and not a single doctor, naturopathic doc, oncologist picked it up. I read you site and told them about it. Glad to be on the mend with some hydrocortosene, some adrenal complex, licorise tincture and learning to calm down...
Christa • Sat September 24, 2011
"Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment. I am very sorry for what you have been going through with stage 4 cancer and financial ruin. Either one of those alone is enough to destroy stress hormone production. At least you know now what you can do to help yourself and to feel better. You might like to get the book called Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James Wilson. It will give you dietary guidelines and all kinds of tips for recovering the adrenals.

I dream of the day that we can all work together - western medicine and natural medicine to take a comprehensive and very effective approach to health and wellness - because like you, so many are suffering needlessly, when as a team, we could have avoided this. Right now it seems western docs only look at the adrenals when it is too late and Addison's Disease has set in. Functional medicine is the key - to evaluate the organ systems in many stages of health so that we can apply a specific healing formula.

Wishing you improved health and energy and grace throughout this difficult process you are in."
Jane • Sun December 25, 2011
I have been suffering from all of the symptoms listed above for about 5 years now and, though I knew I wasn't making it up, I was usually treated like I was by many within the medical profession.

I am relieved and excited to read that all these symptoms I have DO belong together and ARE treatable! Today is the first sugar-free day. Wish me luck!'

Thank you so much for this information!
Christa • Tue December 27, 2011
My pleasure Jane. Best of luck to you. If you ever want to work with a practitioner, we are experts in assisting people coming back from Adrenal Fatigue and can typically get them feeling 30% better in about 3 weeks and build from there. We work with clients nationwide. If you are attempting this yourself, pick up James Wilson's book, "Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st Century Stress Syndrome".
Chris Bular • Tue September 18, 2012
I believe I have cranial diabetes insipidus. Why is it so difficult to confirm this diagnosis. Every doctor I've seen pushes me away.
Riki • Thu September 27, 2012
I'm male, 25 old, ectomorph body type with clssiac seer' constitution. Sensitive to stress, stimulants, stomach gets upset/nervous easily etc.Over the past 5 years, due to consistent work stresses and not enough play, I've become burn out and have developed many symptoms of hyperthyroidism and adrenal fatigue (sleep problems, overall depression, feeling drugged/weak/dopey and times, brain fog, hot body temp sweat easily, lower than normal testosterone, DEHA, progesterone and erratic cortisol levels throughout the day). In addition to lifestyle changes I'm making, I wish to get advice on supplements(s) that will help my body naturally restore itself. My preference is for things made from whole foods and herbs.I'm currently just taking:1 Multi Vitamin/Mineral (by new chapter')1 Salmon Oil (1000mg)2 B Complexes (by megafoods')Extra Vit CAnd I've begun drinking 1-2 cups of ginko tea daily and a lemon balm or peppermint tea in the evening.I wish to try a herbal formula and perhaps an adrenal gland extract. Can anyone recommend a good herb formula that isn't too stimulating but will build up my adrenals and balance my thyroid?I've tried maca and panax ginseng, both made me feel better at first but then I overheated and became jittery.I feel I may tolerate Siberian ginseng better and have never had problems with ginger and cayenne in my food. So was considering Dr Christopher's containing:Mullein, Licorice, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn, Lobelia, Ginger Cayenne.Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I don't have a herbalist or natrupathic doctor where I live.
Sujata • Fri July 26, 2013
Thanks for a wonderful article. I have consistently low TSH, weight loss, dry skin. I usually watch what I eat but recently somehow went bonkers at a picnic and ate high sugary slush, suffering for 4 days with gas, bloating and stomach discomfort. Is there any antidote for this?
Crystal • Tue October 29, 2013
How can you tell if your problems are primarily thyroid or primarily adrenal? And if you have problems with both glands, which do you treat first? Or do you treat them simultaneously? When using food as medicine, are there things that would be beneficial for one gland while hampering the other?
Christa • Mon November 04, 2013
Hi Crystal,
Thank you for reading our article. You can treat both adrenals and thyroid simultaneously, as they often work hand in hand. You may want to try a saliva cortisol test and a full thyroid blood test to see where the majority of your depletion lies. I hope this helps.
trish hall • Tue December 03, 2013
I just read this article. no one could tell me why i had this profuse sweating. i have been tested and i have adrenal gland deficiency. anyone has the symtoms this woman lists get checked. i have suffered for way too loong before i brought this up myself. thank god he gave me a mind to know that something was wrong.
Cathy Broadway • Tue March 18, 2014
How do I get the hormone and nerotransmitter test from your office? Thanks
Christa • Wed March 19, 2014
Hi Cathy,
Thanks for the great question. We are actually no longer working with clients one-on-one, but you can get this panel run by Marc Sklar who is one of our referral partners. You can find his contact information on the Resource page of our website under the Women's Health heading. You can get to that page with this link:
In the upcoming Whole Journey 3--month nutrition e-course, I teach you exactly how to interpret your labs and to boost and balance brain chemistry and the hormones. If you would like to find out more about our eCourse head on over to our site with the following link for details:
( ) Thanks for being here, we wish you health and happiness!
Last Edit: March 19, 2014, 14:34:38 by Christa  
Isotired • Thu June 12, 2014
I have Ulcerative Colitis and have been treating a flare with prednisone for way too long (2 years). I imagine I am most likely cortisol dependent and was wondering how that affects my adrenal glands. Since taking the outside steroid, does that make the adrenal glands fatigued or something else? I am just not sure how I should try to help my adrenal glands wake up while weaning off the prednisone. I am on an SCD diet, so that does help a little.
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